Ask about our Sandwich Specials

Small Large
Italian Beef 6.29 7.59
Our Biggest Seller!
Homemade, with USDA Choice Beef
Polish Sausage 5.99
Kielbasa at its best!
Small Large
Rib Eye Sandwich 9.99 16.99
Served with Fresh Onions & Mushrooms
& a Cup of Our Famous Au Jus.
Small Large
Ham & Cheese 6.29 7.29
Small Large
Turkey & Swiss 6.29 7.29
Small Large
Reuben 6.29 7.29
Shaved Corned Beef on Thinly Sliced Rye Bread,
with Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut, & Mustard
or Thousand Island Dressing
Small Large
B.L.T 6.29 7.29
Small Large
Baked Chicken C.L.T. 6.29 7.29
Small Large
Pizza Sub 6.29 7.29
With Any 4 Pizza Toppings
Small Large
Submarine 6.29 7.29
Layers of Ham, American Cheese, Turkey, Swiss
Cheese, Pepperoni, Lettuce, Mayonnaise, &
Italian Dressing
Killer Sub (18" Long) 19.49
We can't make it any bigger than this!
It is 18" long and covered with Ham, Swiss Cheese,
Turkey, American Cheese, Corned Beef,
and more Swiss, and Pepperoni. Topped with Lettuce,
Tomatoes, & Italian Dressing. Great for Parties!
Small Large
Veggie Sub 6.59 7.59